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Post by the guffman on Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:58 pm

6/29/2010, Episodes 1-5 Added

Episode 1: Fire and Rain
  • Introduction: Captain James Samson and Lieutenant Katherine Hartley hunt down an elusive Hollow with the rest of Squad Three.
  • Jason reawakens in the Soul Society, where he has dreams of being attacked by a Hollow in the world of the living.
  • Jason is taken in by an old woman and her adoptive grandson, Samuel.
  • Three years go by, and the small family is attacked by a Hollow and the old woman is killed. A Soul Reaper mysteriously saves Jason and Samuel, but the two are incapacitated during the attack.
  • Jason carries Samuel's unconscious body to the hut of a nearby family, and then walks to a city in the distance.

Episode 2: City Nights
  • Jason collapses outside of a large city and dreams of the night he was attacked by the Hollow in the living world. He remembers two Soul Reapers, one male and one female, that came to his aid.
  • Jason is taken in by Sarah, a young girl that offers him food, clothing, and a wooden sword in return for him looking for her Soul Reaper brother named Peter.
  • Jason intervenes when Third Seat Cain Blanchford of Squad Eight attacks a local bar owner in a drunken fury.
  • Cain unleashes his Zanpakutou, Domen Natagama (Angry-face Sickle), but is subdued by Hunter Anderson, who had used a low-level binding spell (Bakudou, the "Way of Binding"), on him.
  • Lieutenant Lucielle Osmond of Squad Eight appears to end the fight, formally inviting Jason and Hunter to become Soul Reapers. They accept.

Episode 3: Newbie Days
  • Jason and Hunter befriend Kendra Morris, a clumsy new student, during Kendo class, which is out of Hunter's comfort zone.
  • Hunter and Jason are thrown into the Private Holding room as punishment when Hunter releases a Kidou spell in a confined space and mouths off to a teacher.
  • The two are introduced to Jonathon Webster upon arrival, who aids them in incapacitating a guard and escaping into the night.

Episode 4: Enter the Fat One
  • The trio make their way into the city via cable car and arrive at a Soul Reaper bazaar.
  • Outside of a bar, they are again attacked by Cain Blanchford of Squad Eight, who, not being drunk at the moment, is too powerful for them.
  • The group is saved by Ryan Wearmouth, another student for Squad Nine, who stops Cain's Shikai barehanded. Ryan is accompanied by a posse of four women, and this makes Jason realize that he knew him in the living world.

Episode 5: Practice!
  • Jason dreams once again of the night with the Hollow, now remembering that Hunter, Ryan, and Jon had all been there. The Soul Reaper that saved them used destructive lightning spells and a Zanpakutou named Ame Odoriko.
  • Hunter and Jon enrage a local group of Squad Eight Soul Reapers, who challenge the three to a practice fight.
  • Jason and Jon hold off their opponents with their swords until Hunter finishes the fight using a new spell: Byakurai. Hunter explains that he remembered seeing it done in a dream.
  • Two figures sit atop a hill far from the Soul Reaper headquarters discussing targets. One refers to the other as Rokotsu.
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Post by the guffman on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:36 pm

7/6/2010, Episodes 6-10 Added

Episode 6: Curriculum of a Soul Reaper
  • Several years pass and the group learns new abilities like Kidou and Kendo.
  • Hunter becomes a Kidou specialist, while Jon learns to be adept with reckless sword fighting.
  • Ryan gets back from a trip to the world of the living, where he had been instructed on how to use a gigai, or false body, to blend in with the people still alive there.
  • Peter Andrews, the Fourth Seat of Squad Nine, instructs the students on the last Soul Reaper skill form, Hyouhou, or flash stepping.

Episode 7: The Reject, The Failure, and The Shrimp
  • The group of friends practice using flash step, but most struggle greatly with it at first.
  • In a history class, students learn about the founding of the Soul Reaper Headquarters between Chief Captains Genryuusai Yamamoto and Chogan Yuma, as well as the general story of the Bleach plot.
  • In an advanced combat class, the students are divided into teams of three by Peter Andrews, and are told to open senkaimon, or world gates, to the world of the living. Peter hints to the class about being watched by high-ranking Soul Reapers.
  • Jason, Kendra, and a young boy named Aiden Crowler make Red Team. They get into a scuffle with Team Violet, which consists of a snooty noble named Lucas Artesian and his two friends Greg and Kayla. Peter stops the fight, only to be harshly ridiculed by the noble. Peter explains that he was attacked by Hollow in combat ten years ago, the results of which made him lose his memory. A long scar on his face remains from the incident.
  • A garganta opens and Hollows start pouring into the living world at a rapid rate, accompanied by Gillian level Menos Grande.

Episode 8: The Hollow Attack
  • The group of Hollows are not the dummy Hollows they were supposed to be, but rather, are short, armored creatures with swords reminiscent of miniature knights.
  • The teams each prepare their own strategies based on their specialties. Team Red prepares an adaptive tactic while Hunter, Joey, and Reggie of Team Green prepare a kidou based one. Weeber and Team Orange go for an all-out offensive while Ryan and Kassandra of Team Cyan decide to just go with the flow.
  • Rebecca, another new acquaintance of the group, struggles with Team Brown, but is assisted by Peter Andrews when he uses Bakudou to restrain the Hollows.
  • Jason and Lucas are forced to fight back-to-back until Kendra comes up with a plan to use kidou-specialists backed up by kendo-specialists to wipe out the miniature army. The plan works until the Menos shows its face and another wave of Hollows appears.
  • Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi and his captain, a short woman with short, black hair, of Japan's Squad Nine appear, apparently as part of a squad exchange program (since Peter's captain and lieutenant are in Japan). Shuhei uses a powerful lightning kidou to defeat the Menos, while his captain uses a technique from her Shikai, Sode No Shirayuki (Sleeve's White Snow), to destroy the Hollow army in one attack using a giant beam of ice.

Episode 9: The Final Days
  • Kendra and Rebecca talk with Greg about Lucas, who has locked himself in his room for days. Kendra reveals that her goal is to "keep the light going."
  • Hunter goes up against Joey in their combat exam, while Jason fights with both Kayla and Reggie. Kendra and Rebecca fight in the air, while Weeber, bored with his weak opponents, attacks Ryan in the stands.
  • When the time comes for graduation, Jason, Kendra, Reggie, and Weeber are late, but meet a charismatic man with an eye patch.
  • Ryan gets his Zanpakutou that feels heavy to him, and a place in Squad Nine.
  • Hunter gets his Zanpakutou that makes him feel dizzy, and a place in Squad Two's Stealth Force.
  • Jason gets his Zanpakutou that feels cold, and a place as the Third Seat of Squad Ten, along with Kendra, who is also in the squad.

Episode 10: Meeting the Squads
  • Jason and Kendra are introduced to the members of Squad Ten, who don't follow a ranking system.
  • Hunter and Joey are met by the ninja-like Stealth Force of Squad Two and its bubbly lieutenant, Ashley Speers.
  • Jon gets into a fight with Squad Eleven's Third Seat, Ivan, and meets its red haired captain.
  • Ryan and his posse make it into Squad Nine with Kassandra and Peter Andrews.
  • Dylan is introduced to Squad Seven and the whiny medic, Ben.

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Post by the guffman on Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:26 am

7/7/2010, Episodes 11-15 Added

Episode 11: Routine Exercise
  • Ashley puts Hunter in an awkward moment while Ivan tries to goad Weeber into a sparring session in the early morning.
  • Ryan's girls get into a food fight at the breakfast table, while Jason and Kendra are introduced to Lieutenant Vector Serlusian of Squad Six, who is standing in for Squad Ten's captain.
  • Rebecca overhears rumors about the Hollow attack during her academy years with the members of Squad Thirteen's investigative department.
  • Dylan uses his Shikai, Koukin (Jew's Harp), against a group of Hollows, leading his captain to promote him to lieutenant.

Episode 12: Preparations (Part I)
  • Ivan again tries to goad Weeber into a fight; Rebecca and Kendra find time to discuss Pickle's promotion and finally meeting Squad Ten's captain.
  • Flashback to a patrol where Jason takes four other Soul Reapers from Squad Ten out to look into a Hollow sighting. The group is nearly decimated, but Captain Gloritine saves them. The Hollow reveals that its comrades have been getting killed before the captain kills it with his Shikai, Seiritsuragawa (Formed of the Moon).
  • Captain Bryan Sanders of Squad Thirteen informs his squad of their current assignment: to investigate the Hollow syndicate forming in the wastelands of Soul Society so that Squad Two can assassinate its leaders.

Episode 13: Preparations (Part II)
  • Ryan admits that he paid for Greg and Kayla to be in the same squad as Lucas.
  • Ivan continues to goad Jon until Captain Isaac Gloritine appears in the Squad Eleven barracks and reveals that he and the Squad Eleven captain, Joshua Gloritine, are brothers.
  • Lieutenant Speers appears with Squad Two's almost Frankenstein-esque captain, Wallace Roman, to tell the Stealth Force that they will be going after the heads of the Hollow syndicate. Meanwhile, Hunter hears a voice in his head.
  • Deep in the Squad Twelve underground facility, Aiden Crowler unleashes a swarm of nanobots to be used as cameras for the research on the Hollow organization.
  • Squad Two begins to move out. Joshua Gloritine, not wanting Squad Eleven to miss out on the opportunity, also mobilizes.
  • Isaac Gloritine requests that Jason and Kendra come with him to an unspecified location.

Episode 14: The Hit
  • Isaac and his lieutenant lead Jason and Kendra further into a forest at night, the same forest where the Hollow assassinations are to take place.
  • Reggie leads Rebecca to the Squad Three surveillance room so she can watch the assassinations privately. It's also revealed that the two are dating.
  • Jon complains and whines about Squad Eleven's involvement in the first place after arriving.
  • Joey uses Kanibaru (Cannibal) to damage a Hollow, that Hunter disrupts using his own new Shikai, Gi Diforume (False Logic Distortion). Ashley finishes it off with Ichiraimei (Life Thunder).

Episode 15: Pressing the Charge
  • Isaac reveals that he intends on teaching Jason and Kendra how to use their Shikai, as well as promoting Kendra to the squad's Fourth Seat. The group is hidden from the rest of Soul Society behind a well-crafted spirit barrier of Isaac's own design.
  • Jon, who is assisted by Ivan, is engaged in battle by a powerful Hollow called Smashclaw.
  • Isaac unleashes another form of his Shikai to force Jason into unleashing his.
  • Ivan is incapacitated by Smashclaw, but saved by Jon, who then attempts to flee while carrying his squadmate. They are stalled when Jon, along with captains Wallace Roman and Joshua Gloritine, detect a large spiritual pressure identical to that of Isaac Gloritine on the battlefield. Jon then sees the man himself cutting down Soul Reaper and Hollow alike.

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Post by the guffman on Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:54 pm

7/8/2010, Episodes 16-20 Added

Episode 16: Consequences
  • Isaac nearly breaks Jason's sword during a training session with the use of his Shikai, which can shape shift into alternate forms.
  • Each captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads is called to a meeting to discuss the outcome of the assassinations. Isaac Gloritine, due to his hidden training session with Jason, is absent.
  • The Hollow organization consists of innumerable amounts of Hollows, including Menos Grande ranging from mindless Gillians to the all-powerful Vasto Lordes. Squads Seven, Eight, and Nine are assigned to stop the current attack near the Soul Reaper Academy.
  • Squad Twelve's lifeless captain explains that the defenses could only have been breached through sabotage, from a high-ranking Soul Reaper such as a captain. He also provides proof of Isaac Gloritine's presence in the battle through spirit energy traces and eye witness reports.
  • Isaac Gloritine is declared a traitor to the Soul Society.

Episode 17: Rallying Forces
  • Ryan is informed of Squad Nine's task at an emergency meeting.
  • Hunter uses his Shikai to convince Ashley he doesn't have a Shikai so that he won't have to take a higher seat in Squad Two.
  • Dylan is informed of his situation in the Squad Seven barracks, but is rushed out the door by Ben before he can tie on his new lieutenant's emblem.
  • Lieutenant Osmond and Third Seat Blanchford of Squad Eight are first to arrive on the scene of the defense breach.
  • Jon goes into his inner world and obtains his Shikai, Gase Meisu (Lie Mace).
  • Jason and Kendra are frustrated over having been spontaneously ordered back to base by Isaac Gloritine and his lieutenant.

Episode 18: Defending the Base!
  • Cain and Lucielle struggle to keep fighting the Hollow army, but are saved and assisted by Peter, Kassandra, Ryan, Ben, and Dylan, who has personally saved Lucielle with a new form of his Shikai, Daiou Koukin (King Jew's Harp).
  • Vector Serlusian informs Jason and Kendra that they are to be stationed in the world of the living guarding a supply depot until everything with their captain is straightened out.
  • Joshua Gloritine, outraged at the accusations of his brother, decides not to take part in the battle.
  • Wallace Roman, through a series of drawings, theorizes how to break through Hunter's Shikai, if the need were to arise.

Episode 19: The Comeback
  • Jason and Kendra arrive in the world of the living.
  • Dylan and Lucielle continue fighting Hollows. Peter is incapacitated, but is soon aided by the medic, Ben. Ryan and Kassandra defend Ben until Ryan is forced to use his Shikai, Akaneriozashi (Madder Red Crushes to Death).
  • Dylan recalls that only a lieutenant at full strength such as himself can kill an Adhuchas level Menos right before, ironically, an Adhuchas appears before him, calling itself The Beast.
  • Greg and Kayla discuss the state of Lucas in Squad Six, who seems to be losing his mind to some unknown entity with a white mask after being attacked by a Soul Reaper while training.

Episode 20: Redemption (Part I)
  • Jon agrees to go with Hunter, Joey, and Rebecca to assist in the defense of the Hollow breach.
  • Jason and Kendra arrive at the supply depot and are introduced to Kisuke Urahara and his assistant, Tessai. They are also introduced to Nathan Arndt, the depot owner, and his assistant, Charon.
  • Dylan engages and kills The Beast, but exhausts himself in the process.
  • Kisuke unveils a strange, mirror-like device to look into souls, while Nathan reveals a massive, underground training room.
  • Nathan and Kisuke take special interest in the fact that Jason can remember events from when he was still alive, as most souls cannot. Kisuke explains that Jason needs to obtain his Shikai through the mirror so that they can analyze his memories.
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