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Post by the guffman on Fri May 07, 2010 7:14 pm

From a page at instructables.com:

Wiifan2010 wrote:hey im new to modding and this was the easiest page i could find to use my usb hd to play wii games on my wii after 2 days of working on my wii i got it to where ive got everything installed and i open usb loader and it shows my usb drive and the game on it but when i try to load it to play it it tells me no "sd codes" and then gives me a green screen and freezes my wii .. i'd appreciate any help plzz

Punctuation: he can use quotes!

darran91 wrote:when trying to install the "cIOS36rev10", same thing the Wii freezes on the black screen and Wiimote disconnects. I have looked all over but cannot find the line that Razr is refering to. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am very new to this thing.
I did upgrade the firmware to 4.3 so wonder if this is the issue.



Akinich wrote:hey nice instructable
i have a question for you
i have a wii and it has a mod chip in it
can i do this if the mod chip is still inside?
will this damage my wii if there is a mod chip inside it when i do this

Is it strange that I got off on this?

clarx wrote:When I try to install my usb loader GX I get an error : ret -1035 please help me

And I just hate posts like this...

Now I don't claim to be an expert on Wii hacking or anything, but really?
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