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Post by the guffman on Mon May 03, 2010 5:23 pm

What you need:

- SD Card/USB Flash Drive
- The Hombrew Channel

Download the file you need here!

Let's get started then. Gecko OS is an application to be run in the Hombrew Channel, the hack used to run pretty much every single Wii hack there is. When Gecko OS is extracted, go into the Gecko 1931 folder, and then the folder named HBC. Copy and place this next "Gecko 1931" folder in the Apps folder of the SD Card or Flash Drive of your choice, and put your device into either A.) your Wii's SD Card port in the front of the Wii or B.) the rightmost USB port in the back of your Wii if facing the back side of it and it's standing upright.

Run the Homebrew Channel on your Wii, and "Gecko OS" should appear. Start it up, and a list of choices will appear on the main Gecko menu. Go down to options and make sure that "Load SD Codes" is on. This is necessary to run any codes for your Wii games. Now go back to the main Gecko menu (after saving your option changes, of course) and select Launch Game. Gecko will now begin to load up your game, while looking for any codes you may have for it. If you do have the proper code files, it will say something like "SD Codes Found" while loading. More on actual codes will come soon.
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