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Bridge of Eldin Empty Bridge of Eldin

Post by the guffman on Mon May 03, 2010 1:49 pm

Texture: Nightstorm Eldin

Nightstorm Eldin is a texture hack that combines the Night Time Bridge of Eldin hack with the rain hack, providing an eerie, yet perfect combination.

Bridge of Eldin Al_100219_1833-bin-out
It's really rainy... Kind of depressing, really...

Though the stage is still a flat battle zone, the new feel makes some battles seem even more climactic.

Bridge of Eldin Eldin1
Two swordsmen meet on the field of battle.

Bridge of Eldin Eldin2
A four-way rumble breaks out!

Of course, I'll even throw in some music suggestions:

A Storm in the Desert (OCRemix) by Tyler Heath