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Post by the guffman on Sun May 02, 2010 7:33 pm

Texture: Phazon Ike

There are many texture hacks for characters to look as if they were infused with the power of Phazon from the Metroid Prime series, mostly due to the awesome look of the black and blue color scheme, but one of the greatest looking has to be Ike's!

Ike PhazonIkePose
The Ragnell sword is blue! Very sexy!

One might also take notice to the symbolism used with his cape...

Ike PhazonIkeAttack
A powerful thrust! Was that... Dark Samus?!

It'd take a flashy and powerful moveset to compliment this texture just right...

Ike PhazonIkeAttack2
The finish of a new attack! Epic!

I was personally impressed by this one...

Download Link: mediafire.com ?nr1ywmy2nj2
Credit to Carl321
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