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Post by the guffman on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:49 am

Episode 26 ~ Disturbing Revelations

Jason woke up on the warm, desert ground of Nathan's underground chamber. Kendra was asleep on a nearby rock, but everyone else was cluttered over the mirror that he had stared into before. It had obviously been many hours since his ordeal with his Zanpakutou.

His Zanpakutou!

He rolled his head over on its side to stare at the black blade sticking perfectly straight in the ground beside him.

Tenseii Rouyouu.

The hilt guard curved outward on both sides, small openings on each end of it. The single-edged katana had now become a black, double-edged longsword. The handle itself had now turned black as well, while the hilt guard and pummel were each their own shade of silver. In the middle of the guard sat a shining white diamond.

“You're finally awake, Guffey-san,” Kisuke spoke, waving his fan in front of his face.

“How long have I been out?”

“Almost twelve hours now,” Kisuke answered. “Your body was so cold when you passed out, we all thought you were gonna die!”

“Thanks for the optimism,” Jason sighed, leaning up and getting on his feet. “What are you looking at?”

“Well as you can see,” Nathan started, “we're using the mirror to cycle through your memories, filtering out your Soul Reaper ones from your post-death ones.”

“I still don't fully understand why you want mine, why not just use Hunter or Ryan?”

“Because, silly,” Kisuke's smile widened as he waved his small paper fan at him, “their memories disappeared when they died, and it would be too big of a hassle to get them back.”

“We've found the ones we were looking for, sir,” Tessai spoke through his mustache.

“Excellent!” Kisuke said in a laid-back tone, “bring one up!”

The memory that appeared was of an old woman, dead, or perhaps still dying, in a burning shanty. Jason jumped in through the door in an attempt to save her.

“Wait, stop!” Jason pleaded, “those are private!”

A piece of lumber fell on top of him, pinning him to the ground as the flames grew wild around him.

He rushed over to them in his weakened state, but the young woman with dark skin and white hair kicked him down to the ground.

“Calm down, this is important,” she ordered.

“Let your tears fall, Ame Odoriko!” the Soul Reaper in the memory called, causing it to rain. The flames dissipated and raindrops fell upon Jason's face as he slipped into unconsciousness.

He looked away, not wanting to see his past failures again.

“Now who had that Zanpakutou, I wonder?” Kisuke questioned.

“I have to ask how you made such a mysterious device,” Nathan began. “Its powers are beyond anything I could have accomplished.”

“With help from an assistant of course!” Kisuke waved his fan again, a big smile on his face while shade from his green and white striped hat hid his eyes. “Her ability, in a nutshell, undoes what has been done to anything in a spatial plane of existence. I just took a sample of it and applied it to an exact replica of what we can see in one's spirit and viola: memory replication.”

“Brilliant,” Nathan awed.

“I'm sure you could do the same thing with such a power,” Charon added, her red eyes glowing with a hint of frustration.

“Let's fast forward a bit, shall we?” Kisuke spoke, changing the subject.

“To when, master?” Tessai asked, moving through time in the mirror by using it like a touch-screen.

“The 'incident' in the living world,” Kisuke said, “and the Holllows that showed up there.”

The big, muscular man scrolled through time, fast forwarding past Jason's introduction into the Soul Reaper Academy and even past his initial meetings with Hunter, Jon, and Ryan. They arrived at when he and his fellow classmates had formed into a circular defensive perimeter against the small, armor-wearing Hollows with swords. There were also Gillian level Menos looking out from a hole in the sky.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Jason asked.

“Think,” Kisuke paused the screen on a closeup of one of the creatures, “how often do you see Hollows wearing metallic armor like this? Wielding humanly weapons?”

“Never,” Jason responded, “but they're just Hollows. That's what the report always said.”

“Wrong,” Nathan responded, “look at its chest. Not a single hole to be sighted. All of their masks are identical as well. No two Hollow masks are identical.”

“So what the hell are they?!” Jason asked in bewilderment.

“I believe there's one more particular memory we need to check out,” Kisuke spoke while motioning for Tessai to rewind quite a ways back. Before Jason and his friends had been sent to Soul Society, they were attacked by a powerful Hollow, roughly as strong as or slightly more powerful than a lieutenant. The Soul Reaper that showed up to save them was the same Soul Reaper that had saved him in Soul Society much later. Again, he used the Zanpakutou, Ame Odoriko.

“I've taken this picture,” Kisuke said, dragging out a picture of the Hollow that had attacked Jason and the old woman in Soul Society. It was dead, bleeding on the ground with a Zanpakutou cut through its head and slashes across its body. “And this one,” he spoke again, this time pointing and pulling out a picture of the armored “Hollows” Jason encountered much later in the Soul Reaper Academy. “And finally this one,” he spoke one last time, displaying an image of the Hollow that attacked Jason and his friends in the world of the living.

“Let me guess,” Jason said, referring to the third picture, “something's strange about this too.”

“The Hollow here wasn't even a Menos of any kind,” Nathan explained, “yet it showed regenerative abilities, the ability to use a Cero blast, and the speed to use sonido, the Hollow equivalent of flash step.”

“And the Hollow slain in the first picture,” Kisuke spoke, “shouldn't be here, because, as we all know-”

Jason cut him off, “Hollows slain by Zanpakutou have their souls cleansed and therefore dissipate into spirit particles. . .”

“Good to see you're still following,” Kisuke responded. “As such, this corpse should not be here, leading me to believe that this Hollow was either killed by something other than a Zanpakutou, or it was killed by a Zanpakutou that has been altered by its owner.”

Tessai rewound to the moment when the Soul Reaper and his female acquaintance first appeared.

“Are you familiar with Squad Seven?” Nathan asked.

“One of my friends is the lieutenant there,” Jason answered, “why?”

Kisuke paused on the image of the Soul Reaper that saved the lives of he and his friends, and the man's wounded companion as well.

“He had faded, blonde hair and it was now apparent that he wore black pants, a white, sleeved, shirt with a collar, and a black polo over that. On his side was the sheath of a katana. Strapped around his forearm was an emblem of some kind. . . his comrade that had been fending off the beast flew past the group, having been sent flying by one of the monster’s attacks. She had long, dark hair, and she was badly wounded.”

“The emblem on his arm,” Jason paused, “he's the lieutenant of Squad Seven?! That's impossible!”

“Correction, he was the lieutenant of Squad Seven,” Nathan explained. “He served under Captain Alexander Wise, spelled with a 'w' but pronounced with a 'v.' This lieutenant's name was Erik Stephenson, and the female next to him is Third Seat Michelle Znidah. The lieutenant and third seat mysteriously vanished after an assignment in the world of the living, and no one knew what happened to them, until now that is.”

“Their disappearances caused Squad Seven to split into two factions,” Kisuke followed up, “one that followed Captain Wise, and one that followed Lieutenant Stephenson and searched desperately for him. It got so bad that skirmishes broke out constantly, and Squad Seven Soul Reapers ended up dying because of it. Captain Wise watched his squad tear itself to pieces, and it drove him to insanity. He committed suicide several days later.”

“Or at least that's the official report,” Nathan responded, “some say that he left to search on his own for his lost members and that he, in his insanity, never returned.”

“You're saying that these two Soul Reapers,” Jason began, “were never seen again after they saved us?!”

“Correct,” Kisuke closed his fan.

“Until Erik saved me in Soul Society,” Jason added.

“Also true,” Nathan said.

“So why him? Why the strange Hollow death? Why the strange Hollow that attacked my friends to begin with?!” Jason grew enraged at how little he knew.

“A leftover from Aizen's experiments most likely,” Kisuke Urahara sighed seriously. Tessai frowned. “A man that nearly destroyed the Gotei Thirteen with an object called the Hougyoku, also known as the Orb of Distortion.”

“The Japanese Soul Reapers?” Jason grew curious.

“Aizen stole the Hougyoku from them and used it to modify Hollows in all sorts of ways,” Kisuke began, “but after a long war, he was defeated. That Hollow must have been a remnant left to wander the world. No wonder it was easily a match for Erik and Michelle.”

“Continue,” Jason said.

“Erik Stephenson was one of the best lieutenants I've ever seen,” Nathan said, “and I've seen my share of strong lieutenants. He never backed down, and accomplished every goal he set out to do. His Zanpakutou was Ame Odoriko, the Rain Dancer, a powerful Zanpakutou capable of water manipulation, but it also had another form, since Erik was basically an adept at altering it.”

“What do you mean, altering it?” Jason was confused.

“Soul Reapers with enough of a bond with their Zanpakutou can flex and change some aspects of their Zanpakutou's abilities,” Kisuke chimed in. “For example,” he lifted his cane and unsheathed a sword out from it, “I can disguise mine as a simple walking stick.”

Nathan began again, “Erik was an expert at minor alterations like these, even going so far as to come up with a new name entirely. He had another form for his Zanpakutou, called Rokotsu Odoriko, the Skull Dancer.”

“These Hollows wore armor, consisting of two spiked shoulder plates, breasted plate mail, leggings and armored grieves, and gauntlets around their clawed hands. They were rather humanly in form and five feet tall, but their masks, not actually being their faces but rather more like hats, were on top of their heads, the shading of which over their faces hid their real expressions, but revealed two peering yellow eyes. On each of their backs was the sheath of a katana, almost reminiscent of, but slightly shorter than, Zanpakutou.”

Kisuke brought up the image of the armored creature once believed to have been a Hollow. “Rokotsu Odoriko was a Zanpakutou that summoned creatures like this, but they weren't so well-made back in the day. They're capable of drawing some Menos as well, and their spirit energies and appearances are so close to those of normal Hollows that they don't attack each other. This theory explains the appearance of the Gillians you encountered. This also explains how he can kill Hollows without cleansing them.”

“I don't understand,” Jason said, “if this guy was a Soul Reaper lieutenant back in the day, then why is he attacking Soul Reapers? Why doesn't he just announce that he's alive? What's his aim?”

“That, I'm afraid we don't know,” Nathan spoke.

“It's a good thing I asked Rukia to go or else you all would have been goners for sure,” Kisuke added.

“Rukia?” Jason asked. He was so confused at this point.

“Whoops,” Kisuke paused, “I should say Captain Kuchiki now, or rather, Squad Nine's Captain Kuchiki. In the Gotei Thirteen of course.”


“Come on Lucas, we don't have that much time,” Isaac Gloritine said, dragging the young Soul Reaper through the forest at night by the wrist.

“I. . . can't. . . do this,” Lucas spoke, his blonde hair ruffled with twigs and leaves from plants they had walked through.

“Keep going!” Isaac tried. “I'm suppressing his Hollow with my own spirit energy,” he thought, “but if he doesn't keep fighting himself, then. . .” His thought was cut off when he saw the white particles gathering on the young noble's face as he slumped over.

“Well, look at what we have here,” the new distorted voice spoke out of the young man's mouth. His irises had become a dull yellow and the whites of his eyes had faded to black. The white mask had formed over half of the left side of his face. The being now in control laughed with excitement at how he'd finally been able to gain freedom. He cocked his neck over to the side a bit so he stared at the captain from a strange angle. He stuck his tongue out and licked his lips, “fresh meat!”
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Post by the guffman on Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:59 pm

Episode 27 ~ The Hollowed Soul Reapers

“So Erik has really been alive this whole time,” Nathan spoke, his glasses reflecting light off the mirror's image. “So sorry that we had to involve you in this, Kisuke.”

“Not a problem!” the hatted man responded with glee, “It's been so boring recently back home, I was aching to get out and do something again.”

“Sir, are you really sure you should be happy about any of this?” Tessai remarked in a serious tone.

“Of course!” Kisuke was excited, “average tasks aren't enough for minds like mine!”

“So what do we do now?” Jason asked, “and where's Kendra?”

“Training,” Nathan responded, gesturing towards the two figures walking toward the group of four. The taller woman was Charon, the tanned, sleek assistant of Nathan with long, white hair and red eyes. The second was Kendra, dirt and scuff marks all over her Soul Reaper uniform and her face, who limped forward slowly. As she got closer and closer to Jason, she reached her arm out. Jason assumed she needed a hand to keep her balance, but her intentions were different. He reached out his hand.

“Tag!” she said, slapping his hand with her own. Jason stood with a stupefied look on his face, standing in bewilderment at what was about to happen. Without any hesitation, Charon delivered a swift kick to his side and launched him into the area where the two had just come from.

“What the hell?!” Jason yelled in confusion, gaining his balance and landing on the barren ground.

“Now it's your turn, Guffey-san,” Kisuke yelled to him from his seat on the ground, waving his fan happily, “good luck!”

What's that supposed to me-” Jason tried to ask himself before Charon appeared before him in an instant, extending her arm out as if to punch him. He flash stepped into the air to avoid the hit, but she had anticipated this and appeared behind him already with her arm coiled back. With one, powerful movement, she thrust her fist into his back and propelled him into the ground like a rag doll. He managed to use his feet and hands to land normally, but looking back up at her revealed that she had already moved. She was several feet to his right, appearing with another punch ready. Her hand glowed with a blue aura as she punched him right in the chest, knocking him into a nearby cliff.

“He's not doing too well,” Kendra muttered, wincing each time that Jason got hit.

“Guffey-san! You're not going to make it if you keep fighting like that!” Kisuke yelled.

“Maybe having them train with Charon wasn't such a good idea,” Nathan muttered, “at least I would have gone easy on them.”


Isaac deflected another swing of Lucas's, or rather, the creature that was controlling him, sword. The white mask around his face formed outward like a liquid substance, forming over his shoulders and starting to droop down his back. Isaac had been focusing his spirit energy on keeping the two undetected, but the creature's growing spirit pressure wouldn't allow him to do this much longer.

“You need to fight this!” Isaac yelled, using both hands to keep his sword in a defensive stance.

“He can't hear you anymore!” The creature yelled back to the captain in a warped voice, swinging relentlessly and seemingly aimlessly at his guard, “I don't know why you keep trying!”

Isaac grunted, listening to his Zanpakutou ring out in pain with each progressive swing. “Transform, Seritsurigawa!” His sword changed into the saw-like form it had taken when it nearly shattered Jason's into pieces. The blades began spinning at rapid speeds, knocking the creature's sword back and forth until it bounced back at it.

“Little tricks won't save you!” The creature screamed, regaining momentum and then charging Lucas's body forward once more.

“Bakudou sixty-three, Rikujoukoro,” Isaac spoke, sending six beams of light into Lucas from all sides, immobilizing him. “I know exactly what you are,” he said, “and I know exactly how to deal with you.”

The creature squirmed and writhed in place over and over, trying to get free.

“You are a Hollow, so I will deal with you like a Hollow,” the captain said, raising his hand to his face. A white mask appeared out of dark spirit particles, turning the whites of his eyes black and his irises yellow. “I'm sorry it had to come to this.” His sword changed to a shimmering blue (although darker looking in the night) katana that he wielded with two hands above Lucas's Hollow.

“I'm sorry it had to come to this.” He swung down, but the white mask disintegrated all around Lucas before the attack made contact, revealing the fearful eyes of Lucas Artesian underneath before the young noble, now unconscious from the incident, passed out.

“As am I,” another voice spoke. Numerous spirit energies appeared around the two. Among them were Wallace Roman of Squad Two, James Sampson of Squad Three, Ronald Durham of Squad Four, the hooded figure from Squad Five, and, speaking before him, standing between Isaac and Lucas, was the red-skinned, aged captain, Chogan Yuma, Chief Captain of Squad One. “Drop your sword, Isaac Gloritine.”

Isaac realized what was going on a second too late. Why they'd been after him, of all people, and why Lucas had been made a Hollow; it was all so that this incident right here, right now, would take place. It was so he would be caught using his Hollow powers against an unarmed, incapacitated Soul Reaper, just as he had been accused of doing earlier, but this time, five captains, the head captain included, were here to witness it. His mask dissipated into the night and his sword returned to normal.

“By the order of the Soul Society, you are hereby placed under arrest.”


Jason,” his Zanpakutou spoke to him, “I'm going to show you my power.

“What do you mean?” he responded.

My techniques,” Tenseii Rouyouu paused, “you won't be able to defend yourself against her without them.”

Jason flash stepped away from another one of Charon's punches, this one colliding with the ground and forming a crater where he just was. She would inevitably hit him again, considering that she was much more experienced, much faster, and much more powerful than him overall. She'd deflect his Kidou with ease, and outmaneuvering his flash steps seemed like child's play to her.

Show her we can fight back, that we can do more than just run. Maji Hane (lit. True Wind Blade).”

Jason swung the double-edged sword out vertically. “Maji Hane!” he called as a curved blade of air formed out of the weapon's barrel, flying and propelling itself at their opponent like a giant boomerang. Charon detected the energy difference and avoided the attack, but Jason found that he could launch them out effortlessly with each progressive swing.

“You can't keep me at bay forever!” She yelled, her red eyes glowing intensely as she flash stepped into the air above him.

Show her that we can block her, and that we're not susceptible to just any attack. Kanshu Shiirudo (lit. Perceiving Shield).”

“Kanshu Shiirudo,” Jason spoke. Wind began circling around as the hilt guard's two vents seemed to pull in the surrounding air, converting it into high-powered wind that fired out of the blade's barrel and formed a sphere around him, blocking Charon's kick, but still allowing him to see her actions.

In response to his defense, Charon readied her own spirit energy in her fist, charging up a punch with potentially enough force to break it. Jason concentrated the wind around him into one area for the interception, and she charged. Before the two collided, however, Nathan intervened.

“That's enough guys, it's time for a break.”


Several hours passed, with Jason and Charon taking several rounds of attacks from one another. When exhaustion worked its way through the young Soul Reaper, Nathan would step in and demand they take a break. In Soul Society, the results of the Hollow battle were spreading ease around a cautious and frantic population.

Ben sat in a bed in the large hospital that sat adjacent to the Squad Four barracks. Another Soul Reaper that had been wounded in the attack was sleeping in the bed next to his.

“Why am I here?” he asked a member of Squad Four who had not been present in the battle. “I could be helping with the people that were seriously wounded.”

“I'm just following orders,” the medic responded as another wounded Soul Reaper was wheeled through the hall of the hospital behind him on a stretcher.

“Forget this,” Ben complained, getting up out of his bed before seeing a silhouette leaning into his doorway.

“I think we have enough medical staff helping,” the man said, revealing himself to be Captain Durham of the squad.

“Yes sir. . .,” Ben sighed. Captain Durham and his medic walked out the door, but Ben soon noticed the sound of a person's clothing blowing in the wind outside his window. In a couple seconds, the window burst open and Dylan flung himself onto the window sill.

“Yo,” he said coolly, “whatcha up to?”

“Trying to relax in my hospital bed. . .” Ben answered.

“That's cool,” Dylan said nonchalantly.

“Yeah, using the front door is cool too. . .” Ben mumbled.

“What?” Dylan asked, not hearing him.

“Nothing at all, so what's up?”

“Just checkin' on my medic.”

“I'm not your medic. . .” Ben responded.

“Sure you're not,” Pickle said in a belittling manner.


“You wanted to see me?” Hunter asked as he nervously stepped into the captain's office.

“...” Captain Roman was silent.

“Take a seat,” Ashley spoke officially, much to Hunter's surprise.

“Okay,” Hunter obeyed, taking a few steps over to the chair in front of Captain Roman's desk. Ashley had been sitting on the desk's opposite corner.

“We've been evaluating your performance like the other members of Squad Two,” Ashley began. “You really helped out during the fights with our assigned Hollow targets, but this last time. . .”

Hunter remembered that he had left the Squad Two barracks without permission.

“You acted out of self-interest, without any orders to participate in battle,” she began again, speaking for the captain. “Could you imagine if the rest of the squad did what you did? There'd be no order, and before we knew it, we'd be no better than Squad Ten.”

Captain Roman grunted angrily in his seat.

“The worst part is that you dragged poor Joey out there with you, and, as you're well aware, he got pretty beat up in the fight. He's still being hospitalized. Now we know you're a good Soul Reaper, and that you're one hell of a Kidou specialist. . .” Ashley hinted.

Please say the Kidou Corps., please say the Kidou Corps.,” Hunter hoped in his mind.

“So we're transferring you. . .” the lieutenant began.


“To Squad Five,” she finished, “you're to take on the role as their new Eighth Seat. They need you now, so I'd advise to hurry there so as to look your best. Don't make me look bad, I trained you to be fast!”

“Crap,” Hunter said under his breath as he got up and started walking. ”Shall we alter the decision?” Gi Diforume asked as if trying to persuade Hunter into using its power to change their minds. “No,” Hunter answered, “that'd take too much work to pull off on the captain and all the paperwork would be screwed up. This is fine.”

“I want you to know I enjoyed our time together, newbie-two!” Ashley spoke cheerfully before Hunter walked out the door.


Chief Captain Yuma sat at his office, hight atop the tallest building overlooking the rest of the Soul Reaper Headquarters. His lieutenant stood silently by the doorway as if ready to intercept any and all intruders. The captain was seated at a desk across the room from the door, waiting for any and all who would come through the door to his office.

On the desk were stacks of papers, obviously reports of varying kinds to tell him what was going on in the Soul Society. For example, one pile contained information on what Squad Twelve had been looking into. Another showed profiles of Hollows killed or assigned to be killed in the ongoing struggle. Then, one paper stood out from all the others. From the most hidden and secretive section of Squad Twelve's Research and Development department, was the image of a blade labeled “Sokyokou.” The black blade sat with a silver edge as the head of a massive halberd as tall as a building. The device itself was an execution tool meant to be used on Soul Reapers of captain level that had severely broken the law.

At the bottom right of this paper sat a black square, with words stamped in it over and over as if the form had been processed many times. The words read “NOT READY” over and over, but above them all, the newest stamped word read “READY.”
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